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Spokane Mobile Media Blasting - Dustless Paint Removal

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-We charge of $300 to roll the equipment to a job sight. That includes set up and tear down to include 2HRs of blast time. This would be a good estimate for removing graffiti similar to what is shown on our home page video. All blasting to exceed the two hour mark is charged $200 an Hour, We can also give you a flat fee cost for an entire job depending on what it is and how big the scope of work will be. Collection and disposal of the blasting media adds about $75 to the job above but can be handled by client.

Spokane Mobile Blasting does fast, efficient and affordable blasting.


Dustless blasting mid-sized cars (like the Camaro on our home page) run about $800 for the outside.  We can utilize plastic sheeting to catch and dispose of our used crushed glass media.  Collection and disposal of the blasting media adds about $75 to the prices above but can be handled by client.

A good way to estimate a vehicle is to take the length in feet (15.5 feet for the Camaro) and multiply that by 50 (15.5 x 50 = $775).  Excessive body filler can add due to additional blasting time required for removal.


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